Good reasons for ELA
ELA Container - Better room climate thanks to an extra half metre
Half a metre can make a big difference

0.5 metres wider

Three-metre wide ELA premium containers have three square metres more space, a wide range of furnishing and fitting options and a better ambiance, and even offer potential savings of up to 25 per cent.

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ELA Container - Good indoor climate regardless of the season
The latest container technology

Perfect insulation

Sandwich panels in the ceiling, floor and walls of ELA containers maintain an excellent room climate all year round.

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ELA Container - The all-round carefree package
The all-inclusive package

Complete service

From planning to installation, ELA takes every necessary step to have the customer’s dream container system ready for use in the shortest possible time. If any questions still need to be answered, the ELA team is happy to help on the technical hotline.

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ELA Container - Fully equipped on request
Fully fitted on request

Furniture and accessories

ELA supplies containers to rent or buy with furniture, accessories, electrical installations and Internet – whatever the customer needs. This makes it possible to create offices, sleeping quarters, sanitary areas or kitchens that are ready to use in no time at all.

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ELA Container - Delivered ready for use
Supplied ready for use

Ready to use immediately

ELA Container can plan and build container systems for any application in no time at all. Be it offices, nurseries, schools, banks or accommodation, container systems from ELA are ready to use immediately.

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ELA Container: ELA Container for living and working
ELA containers for living and working

Non-hazardous materials

To make sure people feel comfortable in ELA container systems, ELA only uses materials that do not represent a health risk or impairment to people.

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ELA Container - From individual containers to container systems
From an individual container to a container system

All sizes available

ELA Container plans and builds container systems in all shapes and sizes. Whether the containers are combined adjacent to one another or arranged in stacks of up to four storeys, the customer has complete freedom to plan the layout and room sizes.

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ELA Container - Even more possibilities
Even more options

Flexibility with modular elements

ELA Containers to rent or buy are fitted with modular elements. These can be exchanged on site in minutes. This means that heaters, air-conditioning units and windows can be combined with ease.

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Specialist consultant on site