Fitness deluxe container village

Fitness studio made from ELA containers
The fitness studio made from ELA containers offers enough space for a proper workout.


Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Frankenberg

Type and number of containers

29 ELA premium containers

Floor space

522 m²


Interim fitness studio


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

LED interior lighting, split air-conditioning units for cooling and heating, smoke alarms, mobile concrete foundations, entrance stairhead, double glass entrance door

Purchased or Leased


Duration of use

6 Months


Monotonous buzzing fills the large, light room. The air is thick and humid with a hint of sweat and perfume. The heavy clanging of metal cuts through the loud din of techno music. Everyday life in the fitness studio at Fitnesspark Aue. What makes it special doesn’t hit guests until they take a second look. Because the sport park is in a large facility of ELA containers.


“Nickelhütte Aue GmbH approached ELA because they had to renovate the building containing the sport park,” explains ELA Area Sales Manager Marco Poguntke. During the renovation work, the studio was to stay open so that the large number of members could continue training as usual.


Training area within the ELA container facility
With over 520 m² of space, the studio offers everything that a standard fitness studio needs.
Training area within the ELA Container facility
With over 520 m² of space, the studio offers everything that a standard fitness studio needs.

Sweating in a container – something that isn’t unpleasant for Managing Director Andre Mayer, but instead an advertising factor. The sport park promotes the facility as a fitness deluxe container village. The studio has everything that a conventional fitness studio needs: an area for free weights, and an area for cardio training with cross trainers, running machines and exercise bikes. The interior with LED lighting is bright and inviting. Split air-conditioning equipment ensures an ideal room temperature. That way, only those who are getting some exercise will sweat.

Fitness studio made from ELA containers
During the refurbishment work, the gym on the Nickelhütte Aue GmbH site is moving into ELA containers.

The facility is on the car park in front of the bowling alley and Icehouse Aue and was set up in no time. Managing Director Mayer: “It was exciting to watch how the container village was erected in no time at all. It’s impressive what’s possible these days.”


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