ELA office container for parts specialists in North Rhine-Westphalia

Statics make it possible: ELA containers can also be stacked four high for maximum space efficiency.
ELA containers can be stacked in up to four storeys to maximise the efficient use of space.

Altenberge, Germany

Type and number of containers

15 ELA quality all-rounders
(combined to form one container system)

Floor space

Approx. 225 m²




Outer walls: pebble grey (RAL 7032)
Inner walls and ceiling: white
Floor: grey/white

Extra equipment

Internal stairwell

Air conditioning

External stairs with platforms and railings

Fire doors

Interior LED lighting

Cable ducts

Additional insulation

Glass double doors


Looking for more temporary space in a smaller area? Not a problem for ELA container rooms – these can also be stacked threefold, as was the case most recently at Schmitz Cargobull’s subsidiary Cargobull Parts & Services GmbH in Altenberge, Germany. Available to rent or buy, the office containers have been built to expand the existing building for almost two years and are a great visual fit with the overall look.

ELA Container - Office container system Cargobull Parts & Services GmbH
Available to rent or buy, ELA office containers have a remarkably pleasant room climate.

‘Thanks to special statics, the ELA spaces can also be stacked across three or four floors,’ says ELA Area Sales Manager Simon Harenkamp. ‘This leads to an impressively efficient use of space for the customer.’ The upper office rooms can be reached using an internal stairwell. ELA created roof and ceiling cut-outs in the containers for this during assembly preparation.

Positive experiences with ELA office containers let more and more customers utilise this temporary room solution.
Simon Harenkamp
ELA Area Sales Manager

The delivery also included LED interior lighting, air conditioning equipment and cable ducts to hit the ground running. ‘A comfortable and friendly working environment contributes to office productivity,’ says Harenkamp. ‘That’s why the ELA spaces are designed to be bright and ensure a comfortable room climate in all weathers with additional insulation and air conditioning.’

ELA Container - Office container system Cargobull Parts & Services GmbH
Office containers from ELA are bright and friendly.

‘From project planning to start-up, ELA Container was very positive and reliable to work with,’ says Dr Peter Kes, managing director of Cargobull Parts & Services GmbH, summing up the project. Harenkamp confirms: ‘Our work with the customer was extremely flexible and constructive and we thank them for that.’ This was the only way to produce the best possible result at the end of the day.

Specialist consultant on site