Compact ELA gatekeeper container at Düsseldorf airport

ELA Container - Terminalzufahrt Flughafen Düsseldorf
Completely to the customer’s specifications: ELA adjusted the gatekeeper’s containers to suit the place of application.


Type and number of containers

5 ELA quality all-rounders, each 3 m
1 ELA quality all-rounder, 7 m

Floor space

55 m² in total


Gatekeeper offices


Outer walls: white aluminium (RAL 9006)
Inner walls and ceiling: white
Floor: grey

Extra equipment

Plastic tilt-and-turn window, 2,000 × 1,200 mm, double-glazed with sun protection film



Plug sockets

Halogen-free cable ducts

Air conditioning

Surface-mounted louvre lighting


Floor opening

Floor panels

Sneak-by guard

Near events venues, railway stations and airports, it can sometimes be particularly tricky to find a parking space. It’s nice when someone is there to keep an eye on things. SITA, a company whose services include managing arrivals and departures at Düsseldorf airport, makes use of ELA’s practical gatekeeper containers. They’re spacious, air-conditioned and kitted out with everything that’s needed to manage a modern parking facility.

ELA Container - gatekeeper container at Düsseldorf airport
The gatekeeper containers from ELA were ready for use immediately at Düsseldorf airport.

There are mobile gatekeeper’s offices at the arrival and departure terminals of the airport. From the room modules with large windows, the employees keep an eye on the parking areas and point out vacant spaces to visitors. ‘Rented containers from ELA even do an excellent job as fully fledged gatekeeper’s houses’, says ELA Area Sales Manager Klaus Lüttel.

With their compact size and surprising roominess, ELA rented containers are ideal as gatekeeper’s houses.
Klaus Lüttel
ELA Area Sales Manager

SITA purchased no less than four gatekeeper containers from ELA, each with a usable area of 7.5 square metres and fitted with cable ducts, a worktop, sneak-by guards and air-conditioning units. The customer is satisfied: ‘ELA Container was able to present us with a plan setting out the ideal arrangement of windows, doors and air-conditioning units at every site in no time. It was even easy to make last-minute changes during production to make sure we received the perfect room solutions.’

ELA Container - gatekeeper container at Düsseldorf airport
ELA gatekeeper containers are available to rent or buy – whatever works best.
ELA Container - gatekeeper container at Düsseldorf airport
ELA gatekeeper container at Düsseldorf airport

Available to rent or buy, ELA gatekeeper systems are even used at factory gates, trade fair entrances or building sites. Their floor plans and designs are flexible and customisable and even stacked room solutions are an option. ELA’s comprehensive range of furniture makes it possible to furnish the rooms with tables, chairs, cupboards and communication equipment. If the container system is larger, it is also advisable to incorporate kitchen elements and sanitary containers.

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