Mobile ELA containers forming a dialysis centre

ELA Container - Mobile Container as dialysis centre


Whether as medical practices, laboratories or hospitals, ELA room systems are an increasingly common sight in medical and health fields. Functional, modern and flexible, the container modules are a perfect temporary solution during renovation or modernisation phases. Only recently, ELA Container worked on one such project in Uelzen, Lower Saxony. Following water damage to the main building, the dialysis practice there commissioned Phoenix Projekt Bau GmbH to find temporary, high-quality replacement space. The construction company called upon an experienced supplier for a mobile practice facility in the shape of mobile space specialists ELA.


The community practice Dialyse-Uelzen is of vital importance to a lot of people. Patients here are treated six days a week in a two-shift operation. This meant that interrupting operations was out of the question.

We had already come to know ELA Container as effective partners in the past, so we brought ELA on board for this important project.
Stephan Ditterich, Project Manager at Phoenix Projekt Bau GmbH

The room specialist supplied 33 pebble grey ELA quality all-rounders, combined to form a two-storey container system. All spaces are equipped with smoke alarms. The individual floors can be reached via an internal stairwell container. The mobile practice was placed on concrete foundations. Two entry ramps ensure the centre is accessible. Almost 500 square metres of space is available for Dr Ruth Weitzell’s dialysis team to use in the four to six-month transition phase.

ELA Container - Container as dialysis centre
ELA Container - Container as dialysis centre

‘ELA quality all-rounders are some of our classic products’, says ELA Area Sales Manager Marco Poguntke. ‘The standardised dimensions make it easy to plan new installations and modify existing systems. At the same time, long-term durability is assured thanks to their high-quality materials.’ ELA has around 25,000 containers available to rent. If there is a need for space, the desired modules can be transported to the destination quickly by ELA’s own lorries and set up in good time.


Dr Ruth Weitzell is fascinated by the possibilities of system construction: ‘We’re delighted we were able to find a replacement dialysis practice in no time.’ Day-to-day operations can continue running smoothly in the ELA container system until the renovation work on the existing building is complete. ‘Patients and staff alike have quickly become used to the new surroundings,’ sums up Dr Weitzell.

We were able to meet all of the customer’s specifications and supply and assemble the container system quickly and on time, starting at the stairwell containers before moving on to the wheelchair ramp and finishing with the corridor containers.
Marco Pogunte, ELA Area Sales Manager
Specialist consultant on site