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ELA Container - ELA containers in the medical sector


Medical institutions are under increasing pressure. Clinics and hospitals are more and more frequently being forced to find space for patients, care or clinical diagnostics at short notice, whether due to a growing number of patients or necessary renovation work. The functionality of the rooms and the room concept itself are a challenging test for suppliers of mobile room systems such as ELA Container.


Thanks to its many years of experience with mobile rooms in clinical applications, ELA is a specialist in container-based clinic rooms. ELA adapts the room concepts to the needs of patients and staff while keeping medical treatment methods and processes clearly in mind. This makes sure that everything runs to plan in spite of the renovation work.


The specialised health clinic Fachklinik Rusteberg in Marth is a recent example of ELA modules being used in healthcare. The clinic helps patients with psychotherapeutic treatments and helps them re-integrate into society and work. Due to a renovation, ELA Container provided the clinic with 25 temporary rooms for one year, including 14 premium containers with their three metres of extra width. These were combined with another eleven quality all-rounders with standard dimensions to create 417 square metres of usable area.

ELA Container - ELA containers in the medical sector

Besides the therapy rooms, offices and lounges, the temporary clinic houses a dining area, a kitchen and a treatment room. It even has corridors and sanitary areas. Its wide window bank lets lots of light into the rooms. To enable the clinic to start using the container system immediately, ELA fitted the rooms with cable ducts so electronic devices such as computers, fax machines and copiers could be switched on without delay.


Jens Golle from the architecture firm Müller & Lehmann values the flexibility of the mobile rooms from ELA.

During this project, it once again became clear what a wide range of applications ELA rooms have.
Jens Golle, Müller & Lehmann architecture firm

With ELA Container, we felt that we were in good hands from the planning phase to implementation. And the clinic itself is happy with the temporary solution. ‘We actually underestimated how comfortable the mobile room solution would be’, says Karin Haupt-Karvountzis, head physician at the clinic.

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