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ELA Container - An ELA practice to feel good


The thought of a visit to the dentist makes some people uncomfortable. As such, dental surgeries go to great pains to make their rooms as friendly as possible while meeting strict hygiene standards at the same time. The goal: Patients should feel at ease and be more relaxed about visiting the dentist. The room specialist has been supplying medical institutions with quality, secure, comfortable and hygienic temporary solutions for years. This means that, when the need arises, more and more clinics and practices are choosing to fall back on this experience with the industry.

What’s more, ELA did not present us with a standard solution, but rather a room concept tailored to our requirements which was then realised quickly and in good time in line with our specifications.
Ms Weisleder, Appelhaus & Weisleder dental surgery

Her colleague Appelhaus is certain that patients and members of staff alike are happy with the temporary solution. She believes the surgery has found the right supplier of mobile rooms in ELA.


The mobile container system is bright and spacious. With an area of 110 square metres, seven ELA premium containers and quality all-rounders in mint condition have plenty of space for a friendly reception area, bright waiting rooms, sterilisation and storage. The three fully equipped treatment rooms represent the heart of the container system. Not to mention two sanitary areas and a technical room. Every room is easily accessible via the internal corridor. ‘The white walls are fitted with natural wood elements in places to add a feel-good factor’, says Klatte. ‘There are also canvas landscape images which are said to have a calming effect.’ Overall, warm colours were chosen for the container system, making for a nice contrast to hygienic white.


‘As is so often the case, we were recommended to this customer’, says Klatte. ELA Container has a reputation for meeting demand for mobile rooms exceptionally quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. ‘We also have an extensive distribution network throughout Europe where sites and marketing bases work hand in hand’, says the Area Sales Manager. In this case, it was the base in Groß Ippener which provided advice and the containers were delivered from Haren. Working together, the project was brought to a successful conclusion, says Klatte. ‘I am happy that Mr Appelhaus and Ms Weisleder placed their trust in us for their dental surgery.’

Specialist consultant on site