MainSchiff interim day-care centre in Kelsterbach

Bright and friendly rooms create a real feel-good space.
Bright, friendly rooms create a feel-good atmosphere for children.


Responible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Billigheim

Type and number of containers

40 ELA premium containers

10 quality all-rounders

Floor space

Approx. 870 m²


Interim day-care centre, two storeys


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032

Inner walls and ceiling: White

Floor: PVC, light grey

Extra equipment

LED lighting, awning, entrance stairhead, mobile concrete foundations, panic locks, electric door opener, doorbell at entrance, emergency exit door guard, multipurpose doors with glass panels, cable ducts, illuminated escape route signage at night, toilet facilities suitable for children, networked house alarm, plug sockets with child safety covers, smoke control doors, smoke alarms, split air-conditioning units for cooling and heating

Purchased or Leased


Duration uf use

2 years

"We were very enthusiastic about how well we were supported by the ELA Container team in the planning and construction of our new interim day care centre. Bärbel Völker is relieved. As commercial manager of Terminal for Kids gGmbH, she builds and operates kindergartens in the greater Frankfurt area. A great challenge, because the metropolitan region is booming. And the local infrastructure does not always keep pace with the rapid population development.


This is also the case in Kelsterbach, a small town in Hesse - located between Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Rüsselsheim, in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport. In the last three years alone, the city has seen an increase in population of 6,000 new residents. The problem: the childcare and educational institutions were not able to keep up. 100 daycare places were not available.

Spacious container facility with lots of space for children
The spacious container facility offers lots of space for children to run around and play.
Playing carefree in the completely childproof container.
Playing carefree in the completely childproof container.

An emergency that the kite-operator Terminal for Kids wanted to eliminate quickly. A quick and convenient solution was needed. Requirements that ELA Container fulfils particularly well with its mobile space solutions. The challenge: to create space for six kindergarten groups for children aged 1 to 6 years in the shortest possible time.

Wide corridors out of ELA containers
The wide corridors out of ELA containers even make it possible to have a little car race.

The interim KiTa MainSchiff was created within a very short time. The fact that the move into the facility could take place on time is thanks to ELA Container's flexibility, explains Bärbel Völker: "Despite good preliminary planning, it was extremely tight due to approval processes for the desired opening date, but the ELA team managed to set up and technically equip the containers within a few days, so that we could move in on time with the children.

Twelve children are cared for in the crèche groups, up to 25 in the kindergarten groups, and a total of 137 children had to be accommodated. On more than 500m², 40 premium rental containers and ten quality all-rounders were used on two floors to create a facility that meets all the requirements of a modern kindergarten. In addition to the six group rooms, there are, among other things, sanitary rooms for children, a sleeping room, two educational rooms and further rooms for technical matters on both floors.

Two-storey kindergarten made of containers
On two floors a facility was created that meets all the requirements of a modern kindergarten.
Sanitary rooms suitably equipped for children.
When furnishing the kindergarten, care was taken to ensure that the premises were suitably equipped for children.

When furnishing the kindergarten, care was taken to ensure that the premises were suitably equipped for children: Low toilets and washbasins in the sanitary rooms and electronic door openers make the facility barrier-free for children. Ceiling sails ensure good acoustics in the rooms. Escape route signs, panic locks, childproof sockets and networked smoke alarms ensure the safety of children. The result is a feel-good room in which parents are happy to have their children looked after.


"The acute lack of childcare places in Mörfelden-Walldorf is not an isolated case in Germany", explains ELA Area Sales Manager Julian Schreiner. He is receiving more and more enquiries from the public sector, especially in the education sector. "Containers represent an optimal solution here," says Schreiner. "The MainSchiff kindergarten shows that with our container systems we are able to create space at short notice where none has been before".


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