Used ELA containers turned into an art studio

Art studio out of ELA Containers
Featuring an area of 60 square metres, the system originated from the ELA used-container centre in Haren.


Responsible ELA location

ELA Container GmbH, Used-container centre, Haren (Ems)

Type and number of containers

4 ELA premium containers
Used containers in excellent condition from the ELA used-container centre

Floor space

60 m²


Mobile studio container system


Outer walls: Pebble grey, RAL 7032
Inner walls and ceiling: White
Floor: Wood flooring, brown

Extra equipment

Double swing doors, smoke alarms,
computer desk lights, wood flooring,
furniture and amenities provided
by the customer

Duration of use

Several years


The art and culture scene has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic. However, the art gallery Kunsthalle Emden has found a way to continue running its painting school while observing strict hygiene rules. In an ELA studio container system, participants can relax and focus on their work while observing social distancing.

“We moved our classes to open-air studios but needed additional space for the colder months”, explains Claudia Ohmert, director of the “Kunst Aktiv” painting school in Emden. “The modular rooms from ELA have everything we need for our classes in winter: enough space, natural light through large windows and pleasantly warm temperatures thanks to the built-in electric heaters.”

Artists working on their works in a container studio
In the ELA studio container system, participants can relax and focus on their work while observing social distancing.

The system comprises four combined ELA office containers with no partition walls, is 60 square metres in size and originates from the ELA used-container centre in Haren. Customers can view, select and purchase used containers there. The selection ranges from a complete container system to individual storage, office, gatekeeper and sanitary containers. “Our used containers are in top condition and have already rendered an excellent service for a lot of customers”, says Tim Albers, Managing Director of ELA Container.

Container studio with plenty of space and a large work table
Lots of light and space for creativity: ELA’s room solution provides the perfect working environment for artists.

“We are happy to have found a suitable room solution with ELA Container”, says Ohmert. “Without the studio container system, we would have had to drastically limit our classes because the health of our participants is the most important thing.”


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