ELA Container - Kindergarten Eingangsbereich
Day-care center

ELA containers to run and play in

ELA Container - Kindertagesstätte Kindergarten Gruppenraum
Group rooms for day-care centres

Container system with lots of space

Everyone comes together here: As group rooms are at the heart of day-care centres, it goes without saying that they are also part of ELA container systems to rent or buy for day-care centres. The combined room containers provide room to play, learn and discover.

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ELA Container - Küchencontainer für Kindertagesstätten
ELA kitchen container

Container rooms for light snacks

Practical: On request, ELA can supply container systems for day-care centres with a kitchen, making them ideal for preparing snacks, drinks or lunch. The rented containers for kitchens are fully fitted and ready for use immediately.

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ELA Container - Waschbecken und Toiletten für Kinder
Sanitary facilities for container day-care centres

With child-friendly fittings

ELA Container encourages children in container systems for day-care centres to be independent with its sanitary containers. As such, the fittings in the sanitary area of a temporary day-care centre have been installed with younger users in mind.

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ELA Container - Schlafraum in Kindertagesstätten
Quiet room in container day-care centres

Room container for resting and sleeping

The quiet room of an ELA container system for day-care centres is a comfortable quiet place for children to rest and sleep. Rented rooms from ELA have an excellent room climate and pleasant acoustics and can be darkened to varying degrees with the roller shutters on the windows.

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ELA Container - Pausenraum für Mitarbeiter
Lounge for day-care teachers

Day-care container with break room

When designing container systems for day-care centres, ELA Container can also create a lounge for members of staff on request. Fitted with a kitchenette and seating, the break room in a mobile day-care centre is a popular meeting point for members of staff.

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ELA Container - Flursystem zur einfachen Erschließung
Corridor systems for day-care containers

Connect container systems with ease

The individual rooms in a container system for day-care centres can be connected easily with an internal corridor system. This saves space and makes it possible to move between rooms in safety, even ones on different storeys.

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ELA Container - Bürocontainer mit Besprechnungsecke
Rent mobile offices

ELA office containers for day-care centres

An excellent room climate, lots of light and modern equipment make ELA office containers real all-rounders – available to rent or buy. The mobile office rooms are the perfect room solution for the administrative areas of temporary day-care centres.

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